10,000 Unique CryptoDudes

Designed distinctively, each dude has a unique personality of their own. 16 different character traits, representing each one of us in the metaverse. Mint your CryptoDude today!

Dude New Skin verient 01
Alpha Dude
Invester Dude
Builder Dude
Dude New Skin verient 02
Funny Dude
Creative Dude
Hunky Dude
Filmy Dude
Foodie Dude
Dude New Skin verient 03
Stoner Dude

Dudes Rarity

Exclusively minted, with 16 different features, the rarity of the Dudes is determined by their personalities and subtleties. The niche 1 percent super-rare Dudes would resemble bespoke brands, celebrities, and influencers, while withholding extreme valuation, and worth to them.


Our project roadmap is a dynamic, community-led initiative with milestones and unlocks that will be revealed over time. Each step of the roadmap brings us closer to our vision of The CryptoDudes community. Owning a CryptoDude will ensure you’re a part of the journey along with the other fellow Dudes across the Metaverse. The final unlock will be revealed before the first Dude DAO governance vote.


  • 200 NFT Giveaway
  • Pre-Sale 1: 200 NFTs

Unlock A

  • Pre-Sale 2
  • Pre-Sale 3
  • Pre-Sale 4

Unlock B

  • Merchandise Launch
  • 1k Dudes sold out

Unlock C

  • MATIC Airdrop to Dude Hodlers


What are CryptoDudes?

The CryptoDudes are an exclusive NFT collection constituting 10,000 digitally curated characters, representing the rapidly growing worldwide digital community that believes in the potential of NFTs and blockchain tech to build the new internet of value. The fraternity of dudes believes “Network is Net Worth”. Together they form a formidable power troupe that elevates each, enjoys exclusive privileges & explores all the highs of the crypto lifestyle!

How can I mint my CryptoDude?

Visit www.cryptodudes.world

Connect your crypto wallet and visit the minting page (Minting to be enabled soon after 200 DudeDrop)

Select the number of CryptoDudes you’d like to mint and confirm the transaction

Will there be a pre-sale or free airdrop?

200 CryptoDudes will be a part of the initial Giveaway. Join the waitlist.

Other than that, whitelisted wallets are eligible for pre-sale, up to max 5 NFT tokens.

How can I be whitelisted for Pre-sale?

CryptoDude holders can invite 2 members each to whitelist

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server for more ways to join whitelist.

What are the privileges of owning a CryptoDude?

  • Access to CryptoDudes community and Dude DAO
  • Chance to participate in airdrops, contests and giveaways
  • Whitelist access for future mints and projects
  • Supportive ecosystem of builders & collaborators
  • Information and resources to learn about crypto and NFTs
  • Special workshops and events with brands
  • Access to CryptoDudes meetups and podcasts
  • Secret/Special Unlock (Refer to Roadmap)

What blockchain do CryptoDudes live on?

The collection will be minted on Polygon blockchain, a secondary scaling solution for Ethereum; and therefore will support both MATIC and wETH currencies. The NFT tokens will reflect in the wallet you used to purchase your CryptoDude. You can also see your Dude on any marketplace that supports the polygon chain.

How can I become a part of the CryptoDude community?

We're absolutely everywhere! Here is a list of our official channels:

I have more questions. Where can I get help?

Head to our Discord or Telegram. The mods would be more than happy to help you with any of your queries.


Cryptoduedes and Polygon Studio

Dudes Rave Up with Polygon Thrusters fitted into their Ships!

A media-driven arm of Polygon (previously known as MATIC), Polygon Studios is a Metaversal media hub that delivers the fast-growing world of web3 entertainment arbitrarily to the masses. They have been a constant source of support and have aided the project with the right resources when needed.

Coming Soon